Always find the joy wherever you can

I’m sure you’ve guessed, dear readers, that the lack of a blog means I’ve had a few dark days. A mixture of side-effects, terrible weather so not much walking, an outbreak of more teenage acne and no ginger prince have all culminated in me being a bit of a miserable mare. Add to that, the lead up to the much anticipated CT Scan – yep, I’m a positive joy to be with right now.

However, I do appreciate the requests for blog updates – thank you for keeping me going!

As I’ve told you before, I really do enjoy a private concert in the car. It’s just over two hours drive to the hospital so I usually have a playlist ready. Due to the current funk I’ve been in, Wednesday’s trip to the hospital was a full on pity fest – we are talking Neilson, Céline, Mariah and my very favourite, Barbra. Oh yes, I was going for it.

Two things happened that stopped me in my tracks, both physically and mentally. Myself and Barbra had just finished a fine duet of Woman in Love, the applause was fading, next up? Bing Crosby sidles in with Mele Kalikimaka!!! I must have ticked it by mistake from the Christmas tunes and there he was. In the midst of my melancholy, even I could see this was very funny and it felt so good to laugh.

The second thing to happen was a multi coloured sheep. I take the most beautiful route to the hospital and I’ve tried to take a few photos of my journey but my camera really doesn’t do it justice. Each time I drive past these sheep I always think of my friend in Yorkshire who I am certain would paint her sheep this colour if she went into farming. Not that she would, as we have both proved ourselves to be ridiculously soft over our animals and inconsolable over their recent loss – probably not the best personality trait for a farmer. I pass these sheep often and they rarely take any heed of me, even when I am edging past them in the car with Barbra blasting out. This time I stopped to take a photo and spread the joy.

Pretty fabulous sheep!

The ladies in the blood room must have been cursing me this time round as I was their last victim, sorry, I mean customer, of the day. My veins decided this would be a great chance to disappear. Three nurses later and several attempts on both arms, I finally parted with a bit of blood. I’ll spare you the photo of my bruises today. Completely my fault as I hadn’t considered that I was fasting for the Scan later and I hadn’t been keeping myself warm either. Won’t fall for that again.

The nurse in the CT Scan room also needed a vein to get the dye in. It was an abdomen and pelvic scan. This is checking that Mr T & Mr M are actually doing their jobs.

As you’ve probably lost track of the various scans, this one is the delightful one that makes you feel like you’ve wet yourself when the dye goes in. A bit like when you first experience leather heated seats in a car. I know it’s not just me! You’ve also drunk a load of weird liquid for an hour before the scan, so it’s a genuine concern. Anyway, thankfully I hadn’t wet myself and the scan was over really quickly.

The following day was the ‘oral chemo’ clinic. I still hate calling it that. Obviously too soon for scan results, so the young doc (they are ALL young) had to listen to my woes about spots, coughs, headaches and exhaustion. Poor lad – probably put him off marriage for life.

The good news is that my Blood Pressure was right down. The bad news is that it’s now on the floor. It does mean that I can stop one of the BP tablets immediately, which is great news.

As I was in Cork for two days I was able to stay with my friend for the night. Back in the day, we have shared many a mad night that usually ended in the realisation it was daylight. This was much more sedate and yet, equally as fabulous. Yet again, it’s all about finding the joy. My Cork trips have brought us right back into each other’s lives.

So now it’s just to wait. Scan results sometime this week…

My favourite view on my journey home

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I live in Co Kerry, Ireland with my partner, Paul. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer in 2019. This blog is about my journey through Immunotherapy - the ups & the downs

6 thoughts on “Always find the joy wherever you can

  1. Oh Rachel thank goodness for your music and those sheep and your lovely friend, some of the rest sounds pants but you as usual make us smile with your descriptions of your days. I missed your blog so read it with such gusto I have to reread it to take it in. You are an inspiration to us all and got everything crossed for some good results ❤️❤️❤️

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