Dublin Bound, Baby!

This is the first post I’ve written on my mobile as OH has commandeered the laptop. So fingers crossed this works!

I’ve already told you I met OH 22 years ago and fell for not only him, but for Dublin and Ireland. It really was a whirlwind romance and every time I go to Dublin, I genuinely do love the smell & the sound of the city.

Dublin has the weird phenomenon of being a big city but still has the feel of a small town somehow. You can never go shopping without coming across someone you know and I love that.

The first weekend I went to stay with OH he was still in trying to impress me mode (wore off very quickly) and took me to a boutique hotel in the Wicklow mountains. It was all very romantic and, naturally, we ordered breakfast in bed. When the lady arrived with said brekkie OH froze in the corner of the room. There was an awkward exchange and the lady left. Intriguing!

OH had been married before but was already divorced when I met him and the lady had actually been at his wedding as a guest of a friend. That had been 10 years prior to this encounter but she obviously remembered him & figured he was having some salacious extra marital tryst in her hotel!!! By the time we checked out she had gone home so she will forever assume she caught him out!

Anyway, I have digressed completely but it was for a reason. Ireland has a much appreciated Bank Holiday in October and we headed up to Dublin for the long weekend.

Actually this very time last year we went to Dublin to meet up with a friend over from Yorkshire. I managed to get gastroenteritis – I know, I’m a disaster – and couldn’t stomach wine so spent the evening drinking honey whiskey. Just for your future reference, whiskey does not cure gastroenteritis or even assist it in any way.

We, of course, had the obligatory chipper chips one of the nights, they were amazing, and had such a lovely time catching up with friends.

A new little side effect added itself – within half an hour of taking my meds, I am literally craving sugar. Thankfully our friends had a fridge full of goodies, but this has not abated at all and I am now the proud owner of a lifetime supply of wine gums for emergencies.

The day we left Dublin it was one of those beautiful cold Autumn mornings where the sun is shining and everything looks clean. I drove for half the journey and it felt great. I felt well.

I could finish there but I want to be honest for anyone also going through this journey. The following day I was floored with exhaustion. My arms felt like they would drop off and I was really giving an excellent impression of a glue sniffer on the spots front.

However, it was completely worth it. Two days exhaustion for three days fun? You know I’ll keep on making that choice!

Published by rogersmum

I live in Co Kerry, Ireland with my partner, Paul. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer in 2019. This blog is about my journey through Immunotherapy - the ups & the downs

2 thoughts on “Dublin Bound, Baby!

  1. Rachel I adore your outlook on it being so worth it for three days of fun, your blog cheers me up if I’m having a down day. You lead such a fun packed interesting life and tackle everything head on so know you will succeed at everything you do xox

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