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  • My First Blog Post

    6th Oct 2019 by

    So this is my very first blog and, my first venture into the world of blogging so if I ramble on or don’t say enough – please tell me! As all good stories go, I had better start at the beginning….. In 2004 I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma on my left leg, located just… Read more

  • Intolerances, hairy legs and winning the lottery

    19th Jan 2020 by

    Having reconciled myself to the fact I’m not going back to work for another few weeks, I decided I had better use the time wisely. I had big ideas of walking miles and going back to work looking super svelte and 10 years younger. Actually Storm Brendan put paid to that almost instantly and my… Read more

  • Breathe in….and hold

    10th Jan 2020 by

    This morning a parcel arrived through the door. A late Christmas present? A get well soon gift? Nope, the new compression garment from the physio. Yes, dear reader, this is my life right now! I was only musing on this with my friend as we swapped soup recipes on WhatsApp. We used to talk gossip,… Read more

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